HD Video Production

From concept to the screen– we will guide you every step of the way.

Whether’s it’s a full-length TV program, corporate video or 30-second commercial, our team will help you achieve the look and feel you want. Producing, videotaping, writing and editing are all handled under one roof to make your production as seamless as possible.

Owner and Creative Director Dan Krosse has produced for ABC Good Morning America, NBC Today Show, CBS This Morning, Discovery ID, The Doctors and other nationally syndicated programs. During his career he has won three Southeast Emmy Awards and has worked as a News Director, Executive Producer, Reporter and Anchor in markets around the U.S.

Just getting started is often the most challenging part of any video production. We serve as that all-important sounding board for your vision, and then bring in the experience to turn a concept into reality.

Developing Your Vision

A producer will be on-hand from the first of these meetings, through the final edit, to make sure a cohesive, strategic, approach is formulated and followed throughout the production process.

Shooting the Video

We use only the best high-definition video crews for your production.  Each brings a creative eye, attention to detail and in-depth knowledge of how lighting, video and audio all work together to tell the story of the finished product.


Editing is accomplished using Adobe Premiere, arguably the finest video editing software available.   After the first draft is cut, it’s time for client review and your vital input.  Everything from graphics to music to video shot selection is critiqued, reviewed and then reworked until you’re 100% satisfied.

Getting it in Front of Your Audience

Now that you have your amazing video in-hand, it’s important to USE IT!  We urge our clients to think across multiple platforms– TV, your own website, your own YouTube channel, Facebook and other multi-media opportunities within your specific community.


  • HD Video Production
  • Producing
  • Scripting
  • Professional Video Crews
  • Editing
  • Edit Review Process
  • Music
  • Graphics
  • Professional Voiceover
  • Short & Long Format
  • Television
  • Youtube & Social Media

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