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Who’s your audience?
If that’s not the first thing I ask you after saying hello, I’m not doing my job. Helping you drill down to who exactly you’re trying to reach– and why– is the cornerstone of any good message strategy. Let’s talk.
Owner and Creative Director Dan Krosse is a three-time Emmy Award Winner. He has produced for ABC Good Morning America, NBC Today Show, CBS This Morning, Discovery ID, The Doctors and other nationally syndicated programs. Dan also worked as a News Director, Executive Producer, Reporter and Anchor in markets around the U.S. Dan


Grading Social Media
Using social media for your business is an important part of anyone’s media strategy toolkit. But how do you evaluate the return on your investment of time and money?
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  • bloggma
    Good Morning America
    I think my favorite GMA call was when a shark jumped out of a creek near Myrtle Beach scaring the you-know-what out of a young woman fishing with her father and fiancee. Fortunately, it was all captured on video...
  • blogcas
    Charleston Animal Society
    Just being near this organization's amazing momentum and energy is enough to constantly recharge your professional batteries. The Charleston Animal Society is about so much more than being an animal shelter. Sharing their message through video, newsletters and...
  • blogfollybeach
    Folly Beach
    Folly Beach is one of our clients that we assisted with both video and web presence. We have to say, a video shoot at "The Edge of the America" is always a good day....
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Why us?

Our company is dedicated to finding solutions for clients in this complicated, media-driven world. Whether your message best unfolds in a fully-produced HD video, a new online web presence, or in a 15-minute speech, we can find the strategy that best suits your needs. All production and creative is completed in-house, a literal one-stop shop for your communication plans.